Since 1984. the Veterans outreach program of Illinois has Helped Illinois Veterans obtain employment and improve their lives.  We are the premier provider of employment services to the veteran community in Illinois.  Eacy year, we help approximately 300 veterans obtain and retain employment as well as work with an additional 1,000 veterans through case management services which include: assistance with housing, health care (physical and mental), substance abuse, financial matters. education, nutrition, transportation and legal issues.  The Veterans Outreach Program of Illinois also helps veteran's access benefits and coordinate with existing community agencies and institutions in a conceraned effort to provide a complete range of services to help veterans of Illinois become self-sufficient, productive members of the community.  Since our founding, we have helped thousands of struggling veterans with unemployment issues.


The Veterans Program of Illinois is dedicated to creating individual growth opportunities for U.S. military transitioning members, veterans, and their spouses through personalized employment training, corporate engagement, and use of Veteran Affair's programs.


The Veterans Outreach Program of Illinois exists to perform the following services for veterans:


       1.  To provide couseling, referrals, mentorships, job placement, and follow-up services.


       2.  To disseminate information regarding veterans benefit programs and assist with registration

            of these programs.


       3.  To develop jobs for veterans through corporate and community engagement.


       4.  To allow student veterans the chance to gain necessary employment experiance as an authorized site

            for the Veteran Affairs Work-Study Program.


       5.  To develop and implement programs designed to assist other culturally and economically

            disadvantaged individuals and groups.



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